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Porch Lifts

Regain your freedom while reducing the dependence on your loved ones. With a lift from Vancouver Island Medical Supply, stairs are no longer a barrier. Your garden, and indeed the world, will be accessible once again.

“I’m no longer housebound. It allowed me to regain my independence and freedom. Now I can go to senior centres, concerts, and church independently.”  C.B.


 Many clients find that a porch lift is the best accessibility solution. These lifts require limited space and can often be used independently by a most people with limited mobility. The most common lifts are 45 to 52 inches high, although taller lifts are also available. 

Before selecting a porch lift, it is advisable to ask a Vancouver Island Medical Supply Ltd. installer to check out the home first and determine that a porch lift will be suitable. The installer should be asked the following questions:

  • Where would you recommend installing a porch lift? (Although most users install the lift at a pre-existing door, some users end up installing patio doors somewhere else in the house to accomodate a lift.)

  • What configuration is needed (e.g. left vs. right tower, straight through vs. 90 degree turn)

  • How high a lift do I need?

  • What type of prep work will I need to do before installing a porch lift? Typically this will include getting a base ready and having some electrical work done.

  • What type of base do I need under the lift? If a concrete pad is required, this may need to be done in the spring or summer.

It is also a good idea to ask about various types of lifts to find the one best suited for your needs. The following questions cans help you choose the best lift:

  • What safety features are available on this lift?

  • What type of drive mechanism is used in this lift (e.g. ACME screw or cable)

  • How well does this lift work in cold/wet weather?

  • What ongoing preventative maintenance do you recommend for this lift?



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